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Gimme A Break: Mimi

Mimi“There's a blessing and a curse about being an aspiring artist here because unlike many of the people who move here, I've never had the option to escape to a home base when things have taken a turn for the worst. It's ultimately a blessing though as it's forced me to never give up and face the madness head on,” – Mimi Page on being a native Los Angeles artist.

Mimi Page, is one of music’s best-kept secrets that Green Light Go is delighted to reveal. The ethereal dream pop artist writes, engineers and produces all of her own music on an iMac computer in her home studio, resulting in a vast and haunting cinematic sound reminiscent of Radiohead and Lana Del Rey. The daughter of Broadway performer Cheryl Clark, the talented singer-songwriter began composing music on her piano when she was five while growing up on the road with her mother in an environment that predisposed her to create.

Music pumps through the classically trained artist’s blood as she comes from a family of musicians. Page’s great-grandmother, who played piano in church, taught her to play her first song on the piano when she was just three. Her grandmother was a concert pianist and her grandfather to this day plays the saxophone and clarinet in a local Kansas City jazz band. If that wasn’t enough, Page’s aunt was an opera singer who still performs in different chorales.
Though Page comes from a musical family, she is the first songwriter. Inspired by the beauty of California landscapes, she would take the bus to the beach after school to write music and lyrics in her journal as she watched the sun set. “What I resonate the most with is the beauty of the land, the ocean and the mountains,” says Page. Though she had a passion to create music she was self-conscious of her soft voice and only sang in private until she was 16. It was around this time, while attending Alexander Hamilton Music Academy, that Page fell in love with a music technology class and found the confidence after learning to digitally record and manipulate her vocals to produce herself in Garageband.Page uploaded her first song to MySpace 10 years ago at 17. Since then, Page has released more than 70 songs (four EPS, one LP as well as various covers and B-sides), toured with Jefferson Starship and worked on over 30 collaborations.

Breathe Me In, Page’s first full-length album, was released in February 2012 with the help of fan backing through a Kickstarter campaign. Working two jobs to support herself and living off a diet of mac and cheese, coffee and canned tuna the majority of the album was written in her car while she worked as a grocery-delivery driver. Page recalls this as being one of the scariest times of her life as she spent all her money on rent in order to continue recording in her home studio. Page’s fans, whom she refers to “angels,” were a blessing through this time funding the final production of the album.

Page gained buzz when her single “This Fire” was licensed to MTV’s “The Real World” and launched to #11 on iTunes electronic charts the night the episode aired. This lead to a distribution deal, with the U.K. label Gonzo Multimedia, allowing her to quit her two jobs and go on a promotional tour. Page’s tour kicked off with an intimate album release party at the House of Blues in West Hollywood where fans and Kickstarter donors came from all over the United States to support her stage debut.


Since the release of Breathe Me In Page has received critical praise and gained thousands of fans through social media. Her song “Butterfly”, a collaboration with Bassnectar, got licensed to several films and T.V. shows. In addition, Page was given an offer to write an original song for the T.V. “Ghost Adventures” in which, her song “Requiem” appeared in several episodes. Eventually royalties began to add up and for the first time Page was able to support herself as an artist, an accomplishment she never thought possible. 

It’s been two years since “Breathe Me In” was released and Page is still supporting herself as an independent artist. Page says, “it's definitely not the route I ever envisioned but I think it's a sign of the times as more and more artists like me continue to defy the odds of the music industry and pave their own way.”

Page is currently working on her second full-length album Ethereal Blues, which she hopes to release in late 2014. She is writing, producing and mixing every song by herself and refers to the album as some of the best work she’s ever done. In addition, Page just finished producing an EP for another artist and is set to score her first feature film in 2015. It’s safe to say, the secret of Mimi Page is revealing and it’s seducing listeners all over the world.

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