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Gimme a Break: Erica Bitting

Hometown: Akron, Ohio 

Genre: Indie/Folk/Acoustic/Christian

RIYL: Regina Spektor, Michelle Branch

Latest Single: "A Year of Nonstop Love"


As a mid-western native, the move to Central Florida for college was quite an adjustment for 20 year old singer-songwriter Erica Bitting. Although uprooting your life can be tough, she seemed to fair well with such a drastic change by taking comfort in her music. While living in her dorm room, she wrote and recorded her raw and heartfelt single "A Year of Nonstop Love" on her macbook, as a dedication and gift to her boyfriend for their anniversary. Now, by sharing her talent, the world can take the same comfort in her warm soothing voice. Discover more incite to Erica Bitting by reading the interview she was sweet enough to share with us. Check it out below!

What inspired you to start writing, playing and performing music?

I think there were a couple factors coming into play that inspired me. I have a natural love for music. When the beach boys would come on as a child, I would tire myself out from dancing. We have a home video of me on a wooden toy box, singing a song I wrote to my mom, self-titled the "Mom Song" of course, into a plastic mic. My dad writes his own music and plays guitar and my mom sings in the church choir. I started performing in small ways from singing "Grand Old Flag" at a dance recital, to asking to sing the Star Spangled Banner at sporting events in my town. I became a regular in the junior choir at church and eventually performed my own worship songs as an early teen. I picked up the guitar at age 12, gave up, and tried again at age 14. That year I spent an entire summer with that guitar in my hand, learning the mechanics of it. As soon as I could play four chords, I was writing songs and it never stopped. Every opportunity I could get to play in worship bands at different churches and summer camps, I took them. As I got a bit older, I started finding open mics to play at and performed at Teens Rock Akron, which was really fun, and my high school graduation!

Put yourself in your favorite television show, movie, or book character's shoes. Who are you and why?

I am a Vaporeon evolution of Eevee. Is that close enough? Sorry PokemonGo has been stuck on my mind these past few days haha!

If you were Queen of the World for a day what is the one change you would make to it?

I don't think I'm qualified to run the world for a day, it sounds pretty stressful. I have so many things I wish I could solve, I don't think I could possibly filter it down to one. But if I was queen for a day, and ALSO had magical powers of some sort, I would grant everyone the ability to fully feel what someone else is feeling that they come in contact with. I think that would help a lot of hate in this world.

How has moving from the midwest (Akron, OH) to Central Florida changed you?

I sweat a lot. Haha! Sometimes I miss the seasons because they make me feel like time is passing, whereas Florida weather is almost the same since the day I moved here. But I would never trade being able to drive to the beach whenever I get a moment of downtime! Other reasons I love it here is the approximately to big cities, performing on my campus, always having sunny days, and the wonderful friends I've made.

If you could choose any one venue, event, show, or festival to play which one would it be? Why?

This is probably not what you were expecting, but I think it would be awesome to perform at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC!

What is the most interesting thing you've learned that you will take from your college experience so far?

A lot of philosophy comes to mind! I have also loved art history. It's amazing what you can learn about the history of the human condition through art.

If you could meet any one person dead or living, who would it be? What would you ask them?

Okay, this is going to be a very simple answer, but Jesus of course, who wouldn't want to meet him!? He's the most influential leader in all of human history! I have no idea where to start!

You can choose only one dish to eat for the rest of your life. What is it?

Ambrosia Apples + Organic Peanut Butter = There is Nothing Better

Where do you hope to see yourself in 10 years from now?

Playing music, loving more, and not worrying about the future anymore!

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