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Gimme a Break: El Toro de la Muerte

Loud. Stirring. Fun. El Toro de la Muerte’s music is hard to capture in just one word. With that being said, the Colorado Springs based four piece isn’t a traditional indie band, as much as it is a musical blender of their own unique take on loud, electric rock. With over 60 collective years in the music scene, El Toro de la Muerte aren’t exactly strangers to the Colorado indie crowd, already garnering local praise since their formation in 2006. Guitarist/vocalist Ryan Spradlin sits down with us to introduce us to his band, talk about 2012, and answer a few other random questions along the way. Be sure to check out a glimpse at their upcoming album, with El Toro de la Muerte’s new single, “Bad Blood”.

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
Members: Ryan Spradlin (guitar, keys, vocals), Jeff Fuller (guitar, keys, vocals), Mike Nipp (bass, vocals), Jay Schwan (drums)
AlbumDancer These Days
For Fans Of: The Pixies, Cursive, Arcade Fire

Give me one sentence that describes your band.

We're not trying to sell you on anything but loud music and good times.

Who or what inspired the single off your record?

If you go with Dancer These Days, it's mildly related to our band and about us being a bit older than most of the bands we play with. It's about staying after it during the twilight years and what not.

What have you been up to in the last six months? What are your plans for the next year? 

We'd like to go to SXSW but I think this year (2012) is probably out the door unless some wonderful group of philanthropic people like Green Light Go or the likes have an "in" for us. Other than that we'll play a lot of shows in Colorado and maybe do a little tour after recording some more around Spring time.

What has been your craziest show experience? 

Hmmm... they are all kind of crazy in their own way. I think probably one of our first shows at Bar Bar in Denver because it was the first time since the days of house shows that we'd had a response quite like what we got when we were younger. 

What fictional character would you say is most like each member of the band?

Wow! I really have to answer this for the guys. This is gonna be fun. I'm gonna say that Jay is like Luke Skywalker. He's got amazing skills and seems to always be getting better but he's sort of impatient and doesn't want to do Jedi workouts in the swamps as much these days. Mike is like Chewbacca. Everyone loves him. He's furry and always smiling. Plus, I can't really imagine a wookie playing anything but bass. Jeff gets to be a combination of Han Solo and Princess Leia. He's like Han in that he's pretty versatile and good at everything. He's like Leia in that he's the most particular about what shows we play and all that stuff. I guess that leaves me with a mix of Obi Wan and C3P0... I lead everybody in a common direction and make a lot of band decisions, but mostly when we're together I just babble while nobody listens.  

What’s the best piece of advice you actually followed? 

Less is more. Usually, your first instinct is the best. Playing music is about adding layers to the sound and not always about being out in front of it.


Because we're all about giving back, Green Light Go will feature one band or artist per month that's not on our roster and give them the break that they deserve. If you are a band interested in being considered for Gimme a Break, please contact Janelle Rogers at Janelle


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