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Gimme a Break

Gimme a Break: Erica Bitting by Nina

With so many raw and heartfelt emotions, singer-songwriter Erica Bitting's college dorm room was just too small to contain her warm, soothing music. The feels are contagious. 

This article appears in the Gimme a Break blog.

Gimme A Break: Mimi by Sara McKay

Get tangled in the haunting dreamy web of Mimi Page in this month's Gimme A Break! 

This article appears in the Gimme a Break blog.

Gimme a Break: Familiar Wild by Janelle

Vancouver’s Familiar Wild has a sound that walks a fine line between folk and alternative rock. While the band is a recent renaming of a band that’s existed for years, they've adapted their sound on their latest album, Dark Dreams (out September 30), incorporating elements of straight-up folk, alternative and orchestral folk.

Gimme a Break: Shannon Rose & the Thorns by Janelle

Shannon Rose & the Thorns’ folk pop music has drawn comparisons to Feist, but Rose says the band’s influences range from Nina Simone to Wilco to The Pixies. Rose says a reviewer once described the band’s music as "an iron fist in a velvet glove" — a description she herself stands by.

Gimme a Break: The Penelopes by Janelle

The Penelopes say they’re the only rock band you can dance to during the daytime without the help of chemical assistance. Once you listen to the electronic dream pop on their latest album, Never Live Another Yesterday, you will understand why.

Gimme a Break: Mesita by Janelle

Mesita, the moniker for the solo project of Denver’s James Cooley, makes music with meaning that hits you right in the gut. The tracks on his latest EP, XYXY, are defined by keening vocals throughout and instrumentals full of sound that pop up in spurts.

Gimme a Break: Steff Koeppen and the Articles by Janelle

Steff Koeppen and the Articles: Think Regina Spektor meets Rufus Wainwright with a lot less angst.

Gimme a Break: Austin Basham by Janelle

Get to know multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Austin Basham and check out his new single, "Hollow Head/Hollow Heart".

Gimme a Break: Onward, Soldiers by Janelle

Onward, Soldiers' eclectic indie folk has been featured on One Tree Hill and Sun Sessions. Learn a little about them here!

This article appears in the Gimme a Break blog.

Gimme a Break: Dick Prall by Janelle

Dick Prall talks about his time with Wilco, his place in the music world and Team Lost Boys.

Gimme a Break: Tigers on Trains by Janelle

NY folk duo, Tigers on Trains tells us why they're holding plants and why they remixed Bon Iver in this latest Gimme a Break.

Gimme a Break: The Blurries by Janelle

Pop quintet The Blurries weigh in on the Team Jacob/Team Edward question.

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