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The Handsome Family - Honey Moon Album Release Case Study

Campaign Overview and Goals:

In 2009, Carrot Top Records approached us about working on publicity for The Handsome Family’s album, Honey Moon. The album marked the couple’s 20th wedding anniversary and was a departure from the dark folk goth they were known for. The label saw this is an opportunity to open to a wider audience than the cult following and indie critical acclaim they had developed over the years.



Since The Handsome Family had already developed a great following and amassed critical acclaim from tastemakers like MOJO, Pitchfork, Paste Magazine, and others, our goal was to build upon that following and take it to the next level to help reach the label’s goals. We started out by securing reviews and features at those who had covered them in the past and also targeted writers and outlets like O Magazine who could be interested in the personal side of the couple and the celebration of 20 years of marriage.



We were able to secure coverage at all the high profile outlets below, while also gaining the attention of late night shows such as Conan and Letterman, and NPR’s Fresh Air who showed interest in potentially booking them. We were also able to reach the label’s goal of reaching a wider audience by securing a feature in O (Oprah) Magazine.

  • Spin Magazine
  • Pitchfork
  • Aquarium Drunkard
  • Daytrotter
  • The Onion
  • O Magazine
  • All Music Guide
  • Magnet

Pitchfork Magazine (review)

Pitchfork - The Handsome Family


O (Oprah) Magazine (review)

Oprah Magazine - The Handsome Family


All Music Guide (review)

All Music Guide - The Handsome Family

Aquarium Drunkard (feature)

Aquarium Drunkard - The Handsome Family


The Onion (review)

All Music Guide - The Handsome Family

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