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Speck Mountain - Album Release Case Study

Campaign Overview and Goals: In 2009, Carrot Top Records came to us about publicizing the Some Sweet Relief album release. The band’s major goals was to secure a review in Pitchfork, while the label wanted to raise awareness of the Chicago band in the US.


Strategy: The band has received critical acclaim in the US and UK on their first release, so we used that as leverage to approach many of the outlets who had previous covered them as well as approaching new tastemaker outlets. Since the primary goal for the band was to receive a Pitchfork review, we focused on the tastemakers who could influence the outlet as well as approaching Pitchfork writers who could be interested in covering the band.


Results: The Pitchfork review came in on June 19th, approximately three months after we started building additional interest on the band. In addition, we secured press at all the high profile outlets below which included a NPR All Songs Considered feature and KEXP’s Song of the Day.

  • Dusted
  • Glide Magazine
  • KEXP
  • NPR
  • Pitchfork
  • All Music Guide
  • PopMatters
  • Tiny Mix Tapes
  • Blurt Magazine
  • Prefix Magazine



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