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Moonbabies - Album Release Case Study

Campaign Overview and Goals: In the fall of 2014, Green Light Go began a campaign with the Swedish duo Moonbabies to release their ninth album, Wizards on the Beach. The major goals for the artists were to gradually grow social media awareness and followers while garnering attention with key outlets for the album release. 

Strategy: The strategy for Moonbabies was to focus on those who would most connect with the music and its theme. Targeting writers and thinkers that already had a preference for Swedish music, it was then possible to build momentum for those less exposed to the genre. Moonbabies also had a beautiful selection of bright, coloful photos to accent their image and sound.

Results: Through this approach we were able to secure coverage with key tastemakers including Culture Collide, The Big Takeover, Fresh on the Net, BBC6, BrooklynVegan, and Pure Volume with 86 placements in total. Moonbabies were also able to increase their social media presence dramatically, gaining close to 10,000 new Twitter followers, and 8,000 new likes on Facebook.

Culture Collide

The Big Takeover

Fresh on the Net


Pure Volume

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