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Bonsai - EP Release Case Study

Campaign Overview and Goals: In early 2014, Green Light Go began a campaign with Simone Stevens of Bonsai in releasing her self-titled debut EP. We released two singles off of the EP in advance of the release to bring early awareness on the artist who was relatively unknown. The major goal for the artist were to increase media awareness and securing review and single coverage.

Strategy: The strategy for Bonsai was focusing on the community that she had been involved in living in Brooklyn, NY and creating awareness around her relationships with established musicians such as Lucius who had been involved in the project. This was utilized as leverage to approach many of the high profile outlets as well as approaching new tastemaker outlets. Bonsai also had stunning photos which we emphasized in our pitches with larger outlets like SPIN Magazine.

Results: Paste Magazine premiered her kickstarter project, which we used as leverage to premiere her single, "I Fashioned You're a Dreamer" at SPIN Magazine. We continued to build on the momentum and were able to secure coverage at key tastemakers including  AllMusicDaytrotter, The Line Of The Best Fit, Drunken Werewolf, and Bitch Magazine.















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