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The Bluegrass Situation Premieres New Jonas Friddle Single

The Bluegrass Situaion premieres the new single, "Famous of Fires" from Chicago- based artist, Jonas Friddle. Click here for the full premiere, and read below for some of the highlights! With ‘Famous of Fire’ I just wanted to give an encouragement to those who choose to go at it young and sort...  

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Jess Clinton's "The Runaway" is KUTX's Song of the Day

"The Runaway", the new single from Brooklyn folk rocker, Jess Clinton, is featured in KUTX as the Song of the Day. The single grooves in wanderlust as it captures the desire to escape. You can see the full feature here and read some of the highlights below!   Jack Anderson of KUTX...  

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What's Keeping the Music Industry from Discovering You?

There’s no doubt about it, Facebook can be a frustrating experience. Just when you overcome one hurdle to have your posts appear in a newsfeed, they create another algorithm and you have to start all over again.However, just because your posts aren’t appearing doesn’t mean people aren’t seeing your page.The...  

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The Line of Best Fit Premieres Video for Orouni's "Son of Mystery"

Parisian indie-pop band, Orouni, pays homage to Slim Gaillard, a musician, and character in the popular Jack Kerouac novel, On The Road. The Line of Best Fit premiered the colorful animated video that accompanies their new single, "Son of Mystery". You can find the premiere and watch the video here. "The...  

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Beth // James “Lion Eyes” Single Featured in August 10 BlacKkKlansman Movie Release

Beth // James single, “Lion Eyes” will be featured in the August 10 Spike Lee feature film, BlaKkKlansman, produced by Jordan Peele of Academy-Award® winning Get Out. From visionary filmmaker, Spike Lee, BlacKkKlansman is a story of the continuous struggle for civil rights in the early 1970’s. Among many noteworthy names,...  

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PETRA Announces single, "Into the Sun" by Bri

“Into The Sun”, the summer pop single from Brooklyn musician PETRA, throws a dream chasing dance party. Settling for less is not invited. The single frolics in bubbly pop melodies and lyrics radiating with sweet positive energy. “Into The Sun” inspires the creative force inside to break free and chase after something more that waits beyond the nine to five lifestyle. 

Getaway Dogs Announce Single, "Only In Retrospect" by Bri

“Only In Retrospect”, the new single from Bay Area group Getaway Dogs, drenches the atmosphere with spacey psychedelic dream surf drifting into the moving hands of time. To convey the concept of time as a circle, or nonlinear, the single eases in with the hum of analog space delay, a shaker and cross-stick percussion that builds into a full kit before returning to the beginning in a full-circle daze. Ethereal, finger-picked guitar and breathy vocals send the track to higher planes of thought and reflection.

Model Citizen Announces July 12 Album by Bri

The Next Life, the new album from Brooklyn 18-piece band, Model Citizen, is the result of a musical therapy session for songwriter, Mark Ciani, in the aftermath of two heartbreaks.Exploring the spectrums of genre, The Next Life revels in sonic variation, each song unveiling its own specific mood. Like an open book whose character perspective changes from page to page, The Next Life tells its story in dynamic ways. 


Albi & The Wolves Announce Single, "I'd Go Anywhere" by Bri

“I’d Go Anywhere,” the new single from New Zealand three-piece Albi & The Wolves, explores the heartache of falling out of love. Both endearing and tragic, the tender duet’s dreamy string arrangements and soft acoustic guitar intertwine as male-female vocals sway back and forth, speaking to one another in a heartbreaking tongue.

Jess Clinton Announces Single, "Make It" by Bri

Make It”, the new single from Brooklyn folk rocker Jess Clinton, hums with the tender sentiment in the midst of dark times. The single’s light, flowing musical disposition envelopes each comforting lyric. Each swift finger pick of the acoustic guitar whispers casually like an intimate, heartfelt conversation between friends. 

Katie Rose Announces Single, "Beginnings" by Bri

“Beginnings”, the new single from singer-songwriter, Katie Rose, liberates the often crippling weights of anxiety and depression. The single pays homage to a friend who took their own life and draws back a bulky emotional curtain, shedding new light to reveal glimmers of prosperity. Cascading waves of melodic piano and choir-backed vocals shine through concaves of the mind that were once lonely and trapped in the dark.

PopMatters Premieres Katie Rose Single, "Beginnings" by Bri

Katie Rose's new single "Beginnings" is a reminder that nobody is alone in the depths of depression. PopMatters is live with the premiere of the single, so read it here!

Jason Tyler Burton Announces Single, "High Road to Harlan" by Bri

“High Road To Harlan”, the new single from Americana musician and songwriter, Jason Tyler Burton, tells a surreal and chilling story from the perspective of an 85-year old Appalachian man raised in a Kentucky coal camp. The single steps into his mind as he reflects on everything he’s seen in his years, watching the destruction of the community and the terrain wash away with history.

Model Citizen Announces Single, Every Time" by Bri

“Every Time”, the new single from Brooklyn 18-piece, Model Citizen, is a jaunting dance groove that sizzles with spunk and carefree exhilaration. Bursts of brass, jiving guitar, and upbeat percussion explode through sound barriers. Jazzy vocals shine above in the now exposed sky like a beam of smooth rhythm, adding a cheerful, warming tone to the glossy groove. 

Albi & The Wolves Announce Single, "This Is War" by Bri

This Is War”, the new single from New Zealand Americana trio, Albi & The Wolves, rallies the frustrations of being taken advantage of by a person and makes a prolific stand, once and for all. The liberation of writing “This Is War” and its upbeat, churning grooves rise throughout the melody, sifting through the scattered ashes of an unhealthy relationship and walking away with dignity. 

Jess Clinton Announces Single, "Sleeping Woman" by Bri

“Sleeping Woman”, the new single from Brooklyn singer-songwriter Jess Clinton, sends a modest rage shivering down the spine of an imaginary mob of women, seething with a thirst to claim their place in the world. With its churning rhythms and free-wheeling rock nature amidst cool vocal sustains, “Sleeping Woman” jolts like heart awakened with curiosity by a distant sound in the night.

Model Citizen Announces Single, "The Other Shoe" by Bri

“The Other Shoe”, the new pop single from the 18-piece band, Model Citizen, is a solemn, heart-wrenching ballad thinking aloud about the regrets of a failing relationship. The single lyrically opens outward as each emotional confrontation spirals in the narrator’s mind, while deconstructed, stirring piano melodies waver lusciously beneath every earnest statement. 

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