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PopMatters Premieres Mountain Lions' New Single, "In The Valley"

Former contributor to the indie-rock band, The Lighthouse and the Whaler, Steven Diaz is exploring a musical territory of his own with his new project, Mountain Lions. Having a knack for storytelling, the new Mountain Lions single "In The Valley" is just one magical chapter of the whole book. Click...  

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Fresh on the Net Features Nikkie McLeod

Afrofutire solo artist, Nikkie McLeod has a powerhouse of a single out, titled "Deep Cry", and Fresh on the Net made it a great addition to their Fresh Faves feature.  Everyone is drawn to this track. The afrofuture sound featuring Nikkie on the steel pan drum evokes a strong emotion that...  

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6 Components of a Great Bio

                                        A great bio is integral to getting your name out there by telling a story that is so captivating and engaging a media outlet can’t help but cover you. There is almost...  

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For Folk's Sake Premieres Rebekah Rolland's Debut Single

Americana artist Rebekah Rolland is gearing up to release her debut album. The first single, "Standing Still" is a vivid sunset gently swaying against the background of an evening prairie. For Folk's Sake had the exclusive premiere, and debuted the new single. "Standing Still" is a testament to this if there ever...  

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Nothing But Hope And Passion Premieres Harp Samuels

Nothing But Hope And Passion has the exclusive premiere of the latest single from Austrialian ambient folk artist Harp Samuels. Called "Evermore", they call it a tender and soft yet very powerful affair that forces the listener to slow down for a bit, give the song its space to unfold its beauty. You...  

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AfroPunk Features Baeilou's New EP, "Inside Under" by Bri

Gothic Folk cellist, Baeilou, takes listeners on a multi-sensory adventure on her new EP, Inside Under. AfroPunk features the EP on their blog, so read more about what they had to say!

The Bluegrass Situation Premieres Nickel&Rose's EP, "Americana" by Bri

Nickel&Rose are bringing a new perspective to what we all know as "Americana" music. Find out how they're changing the game with their EP premiere from The Bluegrass Situation!

Dusty Stray Announces Single, “You Couldn’t Wait To See Me Cry” by Paul Corsi

The new single off the fifth album Estranged by Netherlands-based dark noir folk act Dusty Stray flickers with a somber glow. “You Couldn’t Wait To See Me Cry” burns through atmospheric nuances and layers of eerie orchestral folk.

Social Stance Saturday: All For One and... None For All (by Red Moses of Callow) by Bri

Inspired by real life events, San Francisco duo, Callow's upcoming album explores the frustrations faced by everyday people in society. People who are simply struggling to make ends meet, and make up a large percentage of society, are being squashed under the feet of the wealthy, who make up a much smaller percentage of society. Read Red Moses's Social Stance about the prblematic wage gap. 

This article appears in the Social Stance Saturday blog.

The J.O.B. Announces Single, “Lisa’s Song” by Paul Corsi

The new single from Richmond band The J.O.B. is an impassioned ballad from a wanderlust soul. “Lisa’s Song” captures the buzzing amplifiers, driving melodies, and giant hooks of every venue across America.

4 Elements of a Great Music Blog Pitch by Janelle

The truth is that blogs are burdened by submissions and only have so much time in the day to listen and check out every band that comes their way. If you want to be the one who gets heard, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances.

This article appears in the Green Light Grow blog.

Daisybones Announces Single, “Choke” by Paul Corsi

The new single from Boston indie rock band Daisybones creates a hazy atmosphere of volcanic riffs, dynamic tempo changes, and a bulldozer sized groove that never says quit. 

The Vegan Guy in the Band: Social Stance Saturday (by Jim O'Ferrell from The J.O.B.) by Bri

Being vegan is more than just a choice, it is a lifestyle. And for Jim O'Ferrel of Richmond, VA rock band, The J.O.B., it is a lifestyle he maintains while being out on the road with his band. Read his social stance now and gain VIP access to how he maneuvers through fast food restaurants, bar-food menus and more! 

This article appears in the Social Stance Saturday blog.

Nikkie McLeod Announces Single, “Quarrel” by Paul Corsi

The new single from Afrofuture artist Nikkie McLeod is a swirling storm cloud of trial and tribulation breaking into overcoming resolution. “Quarrel” is a ballad in the form of Parang music, a traditional folk blend from Trinidad & Tobago. Its steady rise and fall captures each breath McLeod pours forth from an aching soul.

Nickel&Rose Announces Single, “Dog River” by Paul Corsi

“Dog River” is the second single off the upcoming EP, Americana, due September 4 from Nickel&Rose. It is an Appalachian stomp restrained with a haunting, droning instrumental inspired by the music from the Sahara.

4 Signs You're Ready to Hire a Music Publicist by Janelle

We have a lot of bands who come to Green Light Go wanting to hire us as their music publicist. And of the bands that show up in our inbox, we only take on about 10%. Much of the time it’s about the music, but there are a few other factors that tell us if a band is ready for a music publicist and why we need to pass.

Beth // James Announces Single, “Wasted on Sundays” by Bri

Austin folk duo Beth // James release their brand new single, “Wasted on Sundays” in the afterglow of “Lion Eyes,” the single handpicked by Spike Lee for the BlacKkKlansman soundtrack. A relatable anthem for the quarter-century life crisis, “Wasted on Sundays” is a time capsule buried in the sand, bottling up carefree moments of youth amidst the weighing down of pressures to overachieve and be successful. 

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