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What They're Saying

"As a music writer, my average day usually looks like fielding around a thousand emails containing music pitches on a daily basis. Having the sort-of resolve to mull over so many pitches isn't always easy, and of course, a very small fraction of those pitches are able to become actual feature articles. What brings some light to this oftentimes dull (to be frank) portion of what I do is working with publicists like Paul Corsi with Green Light Go, who goes the extra mile to introduce quality music to your ears as a friend, and not just as another dry, cut-and-paste PR blast. Green Light Go features a fantastic team of folks who really care about the art that they are curating, and I would absolutely recommend the firm to any artist worth their mettle who's looking for a group that really knows how to set the bar for quality PR." -


—Jonathan Frahm, PopMatters
"The GLG Ignition program was extremely helpful in helping me plan my email campaign. I didn't land any "big fish" like The Bluegrass Situation or NPR but I wasn't really expecting that anyway, and I got some amazing reviews from smaller folk-centric blogs. Having the Ignition timeline to follow and keep me on track was a game-changer. Ignition worked so well for me - thanks to you and your team for putting it together and sharing it!"
—Dave Richardson

"It was amazing working with you and the team. Thanks for such a great campaign. I'm extremely pleased with the outcomes."

—Steph Barrak

"It was an awesome experience.  I think we accomplished a lot and learned even more!  The progress we made with our campaign has no doubt set us up for good opportunities in the future and honestly, we could not be happier with your service."


"When I first made contact with GreenLightGo I was surprised at how communicative Janelle was and when we talked on the phone we both shared our excitement over the EP and working together. It felt very collaborative and supportive from the get go. "

—Simone Stevens, Bonsai

Working with Janelle and her dedicated team has been a delight and a pleasure. The GLG team work passionately with music they legitimately love, and this comes through in the results. I'm very satisfied with the publicity generated for my single campaign with features in high profile outlets like Paste, Indie Shuffle and Magnet. If you're looking for a publicity team with strong positive values, great contacts and a willingness to go that extra mile then look no further.

—Pete Uhlenbruch, Owls of the Swamp

Green Light Go worked Starfucker's tour press for their first full US tour. During this time they did a wonderful job communicating with the band and their label, setting up interviews, and being persistent in checking back and following through with all the press and the guest lists they generated. I was impressed with their quick responses, and care free attitude. I would recommend them to other industry people looking for a solid company to work with on tour press.

—Ingrid Renan, Kill Rock Stars

In a sea of empty press and publicity promises—GLG is like an oasis. Impeccably organized, all the right connections, and suggestions on where and with whom to work your projects (no matter the size)—Ms.Rogers is the best press agent we have worked with in the last five years.

—Todd Robinson, Recordhead owner (label home of Guided by Voices' Robert Pollard)

Green Light Publicity have been top notch at constantly keeping in close contact with us on promo ideas and media coverage. Their fresh approach to getting reviews and their deep focus on new media has brought much happiness to our artists.

—Dylan Magierek, el Presidente' Badman Recording Co.

Janelle only works with artists she believes in 100%. If she's working with you, you'll get 100% of her passion. There's so much more than financial gain when Janelle is involved. It's not just her job it's her life! I adore her!

—Tom Walsh EMI Music

Green Light Go offered the persistence and professionalism we needed to take our festival to the next level. Janelle's passion is contagious and her drive unparalleled. In this industry you'd be hard pressed to find anyone better.

—Nate DuFort, Festival Director, The Planet Ant Film & Video Festival/Producing Artist Director, The Second City

Having had no experience navigating the tumultuous waters of the music industry, I came to Janelle and Green Light Go with few expectations and many questions. She exceeded the former and solved the latter. To see my dream project embraced by the music community after years in a vacuum was supremely gratifying, and this would not have happened without the kind and steady hands of the people at Green Light Go. My film's soundtrack is now in the hands of fans worldwide. When the film itself is finished, no doubt Janelle will be among the first to know.

—Devon Reed, Filmmaker/songwriter-The Bigtop

Before we started working with Green Light Go!, we weren't even on the radar. Now people are starting to know who we are, and we are getting more attention and better shows. Plus, Janelle operates with incredible honesty, integrity, and passion for the acts she works with. Green Light has really delivered for us!

—Jen Johnson, Static of the Gods

Green Light Go is an independent artist's best friend. Janelle Rogers and her team have helped me achieve a kind of momentum I've never felt as a DIY musician. I feel like people are finally paying attention to my music. They really believe in the bands they work with and that's why they get results!

—Shawn Fogel

Janelle communicates effectively, honestly, and passionately. She provides detailed updates, responds almost immediately to questions and concerns, and shows a remarkable enthusiasm for her work. She has extensive insight into music-industry operations and an excellent portfolio of contacts. After working with a number of different people on aspects of advancing our careers, I can say with certainty that she really stands out from the pack. No one we've dealt with has as much integrity. She is quite possibly a very realistic android.

—Mike Epstein, The Motion Sick

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Band Submission Guidelines

Upload Your Tracks Via SoundCloud

Bands submitting to work with us please note the following:

We ONLY work with music we are passionate about and is within our forte of knowledge and media relationships. This includes dream pop, indie rock, electro pop or folk/Americana and variations within those genres. We do NOT work with mainstream, pop, metal, hip hop, R&B, punk rock, jazz or instrumentals.

So we can provide the best service possible, we only consider bands who give clear goals with their expectations from the campaign. We want to make sure we're moving you toward where you want to go.

We will only consider submissions who include a link to listen to music. Please only submit streamed audio files (Bandcamp or Soundcloud preferred).