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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequent Answers

So, we hear you have an exclusive roster. How do we know if we are the right fit?

Take a look at our roster and give the clients a listen. We also recommend getting to know us because we give you a little cheat of our favorite bands. We do gravitate to indie rock artists with a strong pop melody or Americana acts who are a little left of center.

If you don’t quite fit the bill for our roster we can also lead you to other publicists who are a better fit.

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Why should we choose Green Light Go for publicity instead of a company who says they can provide full-fledged band development?

We believe in focusing on what we do best and that is getting bands recognized by all those important blogs, journalists and radio stations out there. At Green Light Go, we hand pick our clients to limit our roster size and ensure that we deliver the best campaign results to the bands we genuinely believe in.  By diluting the services we provide would be the greatest disservice of all. We do have some amazing resources and would be happy to steer in you the right direction.

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What do you look for when taking on a band?

First off, we have to love your music. We also want to know that you have everything in place so we can make the most of your campaign. What that means is having a physical CD with artwork, professional publicity photos, and the determination to go after what you want. 

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We worked with a publicist who we paid and never heard from again. How do we know you won’t do the same?

Our mission statement is based on honesty, integrity and passion, so doing that to you would go against ABSOLUTELY everything we believe in. Plus, we are a classic team of over-achievers who are way too hard on ourselves, so the guilt would eat us alive.

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How do I know if I am ready for publicity and why do you care if we have goals?

If you’re ready to release an album and you’re looking to build an image and coverage, you’re probably ready for publicity. If you have the time and money to invest then you’re ready to talk to us. And having a goal is your first step to taking your band to the next level. Knowing  your goals will help us help you achieve them.

Does “financial investment” have you choking on your own saliva, but you still want exposure? We have two alternatives that are less than a few nights out at the bar.  Ads and  utitlizing artist media pages. By purchasing an ad or utilizing one of our fine, fine media pages you will be exposed to thousands of journalists who trust our musical sense and may take a liking to your band. The catch? We still have to love your band.

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We don’t have an album coming out yet. Can you still help?

Hiring a publicist is a real financial investment and we advise bands in the same way if we ourselves were making that investment. The truth is, an album is the best way to promote your band and although there are always exceptions to the rule, we’d advise against hiring a publicist until you are really ready to do so. 

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Why do we have to wait three months to release our record? People need to hear it now!

The age old saying, “Patience is a virtue,” holds true here. Most print publications work three to six months in advance of release dates. These news organizations are looking for--you guessed it--material that is “new,” so if you send them a CD that has already been released, you will cut your chances of coverage to close to zero. If you really can’t wait, go ahead and make it available as a local release so your friends and fans can hear it in advance of the general public. Shh, we won’t tell anyone.

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We’re going on tour. Can you promote our shows?

Our focus is on national record releases, however, we like to maximize every opportunity for an artist, so we also make sure the powers that be in your tour markets are well aware that you will be playing a show in their city as well.

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What are your rates?

We offer a wide range of publicity services based on the needs of the client and their budget. If you are interested in working with us, check out our services or contact us for more details. 

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Can you get us a review in Pitchfork?

We’ve been known to land some great Pitchfork reviews in our day, but truth be told, it is up to them. Everyone wants Pitchfork, but Pitchfork doesn’t want everyone. We will advise you whether it makes sense for your band, and then push like crazy to make it happen with our magical PR powers if it does.

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When will we start seeing press?

Music is an art, not a science. We cannot give a band an exact date as to when they will see press, however, our gung-ho approach allows us to begin pitching a client to press within the first two weeks of the publicity campaign. We are no one hit wonder publicity firm who gives it just one shot, because as mentioned we are over-achievers so we’ll constantly seek out new opportunities for bands to seek ways into the journalists hearts.

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Where have you secured press?

Stereogum, Pitchfork, Magnet, Paste Magazine, Spin, O (Oprah) Magazine, KEXP, NPR Song of the Day, NPR All Songs Considered, Under the Radar, and those are just to name a few…

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What can we do to help the campaign?

Be involved! We are nitty-gritty-hands-on-task-masters who are looking outside the obvious for new ideas to promote our bands. The bands that are involved in the process with us and treat it as a partnership often have the most successful campaigns. Have a story idea we could use for your band? Tell us. Play shows, create news by being active, and get to know the places you would like to be covered. And tell us all those going-ons, because hey, we’ve got your back.

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My band needs some help with our image. Can you help?

We take pride in investing the time at the beginning to make sure the band is imaged properly. We hire professional bio writers to write our bios and often send bands to the photographers we really love. At the very least, we’ll give you feedback on ways you can effectively interest the media.

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Can you get us in touch with a booking agent?

We have a list of booking agents we recommend, but typically legitimate booking agents need to see that you have a draw before they will consider adding you as a client. It’s the ultimate catch 22 of the music industry. If you don’t have a following yet, work your social networking prowess and face-to-face charm to build a following of fans who will regularly attend your shows. And those wonderful booking agencies also list available opening slots, known as “avails,” for your favorite bands. If you see an avail for a band that fits the bill, then reach out to see if the slot is still available.

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Do you run radio campaigns?

We do encompass several of the key tastemakers like KEXP, KCRW, WXPN and the pinnacle of radio, NPR, when creating national publicity campaigns. Although we don’t run full-on radio campaigns, we can refer you to some pretty swell companies who we think do a great job.

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We don’t have any money! Can we work out some sort of deal?

We bet your band is great. In fact, we bet your band is downright fantastic, but like any legitimate business, we do have to get paid for our services. We think we’re pretty talented too, and we wouldn’t ask our graphic designers, bio writers and accountants to give us a deal for our talent alone. All that said, we have some pretty great programs to fit all budgets.

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Green Light Go Staff

Band Submission Guidelines

Upload Your Tracks Via SoundCloud

Bands submitting to work with us please note the following:

We ONLY work with music we are passionate about and is within our forte of knowledge and media relationships. This includes dream pop, indie rock, electro pop or folk/Americana and variations within those genres. We do NOT work with mainstream, pop, metal, hip hop, R&B, punk rock, jazz or instrumentals.

So we can provide the best service possible, we only consider bands who give clear goals with their expectations from the campaign. We want to make sure we're moving you toward where you want to go.

We will only consider submissions who include a link to listen to music. Please only submit streamed audio files (Bandcamp or Soundcloud preferred).