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Brijana Bondy

Publicity Assistant

Brijana Bondy Staff Photo

Brijana could tell from a very young age that her imaginative mind would guide her path in life. Coming from a family of artists of all sorts, the need to create and share creativity was highly encouraged, and this is where her passion for music stems from. As an avid reader and writer, naturally, she has a bachelor’s degree in English from Central Michigan University. Being a writer at heart, the art of music inspires most of her writing projects, and this gives her a unique perspective that allows her to make deep, personable connections with musicians and fellow music lovers.

Unless she is enjoying some down time Up North reading a book in her hammock and kayaking on the lake, Brijana’s brain does not stop- and she likes it that way. She thrives on the energy of others and has a lot of it to give back herself. There’s a good chance of spotting her out on the town in search of good food and drinks, and then working it off by belting out karaoke tunes, Prince’s Kiss being her specialty, or perfecting her her pool-playing game; But to her, of course, the most important part of all of these ventures is deciding what music to listen to on the way there.

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Green Light Go Staff

Band Submission Guidelines

Upload Your Tracks Via SoundCloud

Bands submitting to work with us please note the following:

We ONLY work with music we are passionate about and is within our forte of knowledge and media relationships. This includes dream pop, indie rock, electro pop or folk/Americana and variations within those genres. We do NOT work with mainstream, pop, metal, hip hop, R&B, punk rock, jazz or instrumentals.

So we can provide the best service possible, we only consider bands who give clear goals with their expectations from the campaign. We want to make sure we're moving you toward where you want to go.

We will only consider submissions who include a link to listen to music. Please only submit streamed audio files (Bandcamp or Soundcloud preferred).