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The Huffington Post Premieres Colonial Blue

The Huffington Post has the exclussive premiere of Colonial Blue's new song "Break Your Bones." 

According to vocalist and guitarist Stephanie Rice: 

“'Break Your Bones' is about turning around and facing the things you fear the most. I had been running for so long fueled by a survivalist, primal instinct, but although I was alive, I craved more than just the act of existing. I stopped in my tracks and took a genuine look back into my past and to the voices telling me I was damned. This process meant I had to be broken all the way down before I could build myself back up. In this song, I compare the process to a flood coming your way—you can see it—you know you can run the other way—but you let it wash over you. At the time I was writing ‘Break Your Bones,’ I was in the midst of the flood and did not know what the outcome would be. But today, I can honestly say that I am shamelessly proud of who I am. If anyone is going through something similar that I was going through—please know that you are not damned, it’s not a choice, and there is nothing wrong with you.”


You can read the full article by going here. 


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  1. Steve Locke, on Jul 21, 07:39 AM, wrote:

    I love “Break Your Bones”

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