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Victoria Canal Announces January 29 Into the Pull EP Release

Seventeen year-old singer-songwriter Victoria Canal confronts themes of marginalization and discrimination toward social groups that struggle to find a voice in society with the release of Into the Pull EP, due out January 29.

Victoria Canal isn’t your typical seventeen year-old. Where most teenage girls attend school and gossip about the cute boy down the hall, Canal has experienced a variety of life-altering experiences to provide a vessel for her strength, determination and genuine spirit.

It is this vivacity that drew Justin Bieber and Usher’s vocal coach, Mama Jan Smith to champion Canal and produce the upcoming EP. Smith says, "It's a rare and wonderful privilege to be on the front end of discovering artists who I believe will have great impact on the future of music and how the industry perceives talent. Victoria Canal is an exceptional singer and songwriter, but more importantly, she is a most unique individual with a story that needs to be heard. I, for one, am listening.”


As an artist, Canal strives to provide a voice for minority parties like the LGBTQ community. “Little Girl,” the last track on the EP, ties into human trafficking and domestic abuse and is intended to give a voice to people who have grown up far faster than they should have. “Wolves” deals with trusting the wrong people to try to fit in, struggling with self-confidence, and questioning sexuality. Canal also regularly stages benefit concerts for the causes she believes in, such as SERV, AIS and t-oigo.

“Little Girl” Video Performance:

“I find it extremely important to use my position as an artist to voice those who haven’t had the same warmth and spiritual fortune that I have, so dedicating a lot of my efforts toward raising awareness and funds for causes like underprivileged children, victims of human trafficking, victims of bullying, etc. is really important to me,” says Canal. She was born without her right forearm due to a condition called Amniotic Band Syndrome. “People find this inspiring, but it is secondary to the music and artistry of what I do,” says Canal. “I have the confidence and the position to give a voice to people who wouldn’t ‘traditionally’ become performers.”

Into the Pull Track Listing

  1. Unclear
  2. Wolves (The Other Side)
  3. City Shoes
  4. Not Afraid
  5. Little Girl

About Victoria Canal

Based in Atlanta, Canal has also lived in Munich, Shanghai, Tokyo, Barcelona and Dubai. The influence of travelling and experiencing many cultures has shaped her music as well as her personality. She is also an active supporter of the LGBTQ community, and representing victims of oppression and abuse. In 2014, Canal was Chosen to be one of six Young Arts National Finalists as a singer/songwriter and won the Eddie’s Attic bi-annual Songwriter Shootout in 2014 (John Mayer won this award in 1999). She studied music at Jazz Conservatory en el Aula del Conservatori (Barcelona, Spain), and has performed at venues such as the Apollo Theatre in NY and the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. Her upcoming EP was recorded by Mama Jan Smith (Usher, Justin Bieber).

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