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Now Boarding The Modern Airline - New Wave Quintet Releases Self-Titled Debut September 4

You know you've got something unique on your hands even before you hear note one of The Modern Airline's self-titled debut. The band's chosen aesthetic, a corporate airline complete with uniforms, immediately gives the sense that there's something new to discover here. The album is fun, just a bit spastic and angular, with clear '80s new wave and '70s punk influences that the band combines with sci-fi themes, creating something altogether new. Filing through frenetic track after frenetic track, each song is clearly designed to make you move. The Modern Airline will be released Sep. 4, 2012.

The Modern Airline is as high energy as the band's shows, and you'll be checking to see if you've found an unreleased collaboration between Devo, The Moldy Peaches and Kraftwerk. Starting out with "Periods of Missing Time," featuring bendy guitars, sci-fi effects and a deranged robotic delivery, and ending on the spacey, chugging "Accelerated Evolution," which was inspired by an episode of The Outer Limits, this album has a serious sci-fi pedigree and puts The Modern Airline in the realm of early B-52s or pre-kiddie rock They Might Be Giants

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