the job

Glory Never Comes

Highway of Shadows


"Glory Never Comes"

All chewed up, spit out and hosed off of the sidewalk like a stain
Dripping wet and laughing at the rain
I’m so damn tired of all the memories that echo in my brain
Flashing, fleeting, never still

Missing, wishing for some time that went away from me too soon
Like a breath upon a breeze
Seeking sense, but nothing’s sensible to my eyes anymore
Set aside a stone for me

Sometimes it feels just like a dream
How will I know when it’s over
You are welcome for my wonder years
Here in the dark
There’s still a spark
In my heart
In my heart

All in all, and with no time for doubt
With all my heart and soul
And sometimes without

I heard the rhythm calling in the drums
Marched off to glory, but

Glory never comes, glory never comes
Glory never comes, glory never comes
Glory never comes
Glory never comes