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For The Youth, For Our Future

Some people do not have equal opportunities as others to help themselves, especially when those people are young individuals roaming the streets with no guidance or ability to receive education or a creative space. In adolescence, receiving education and opportunities to succeed as individuals is vital.

That is why The Stubborn Lovers proudly introduces p:ear, a mentoring program for homeless Portland youth that provides these kids with mentoring programs such as: education, arts, recreation, kitchen, bike mechanic schools, barista schools, and just general safe spaces.

I think we can all agree that kids need safe spaces more now than ever. So, local youth charities such as this are a silver lining that can show us that the youth ARE a priority.

The mentoring program The Stubborn Lovers has worked with local charities such as p:ear, which provides mentoring to local youth. Click here to learn about them and their mission.

It is an amazing program, and well worth reading up on even just to provide some solace about the many positive ways that young people are being helped.

Giving back to local youth is extremely important, as they are our future and molding their minds and helping them grow up to be amazing individuals, and as p:ear themselves say, “affirm personal worth”. Here is a website where anyone can look up local youth mentoring programs to get involved in around your community.

The Stubborn Lovers are a heartland Americana band from Portland. Click here to learn more about them!

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