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Mickelson Releases New Single, “No Such Luck”

Singer-songwriter Mickelson releases a resilient new single “No Such Luck,” off of his latest album, A Wondrous Life, out May 4. This track is an upbeat and whimsical tune that reminds the listener that it’s ok to laugh at yourself every now and then. Inspired by the Beatles’ “Martha My Dear”, it was the both the first song Mickelson recorded for the album, and the first time he recorded himself on piano. The track’s bounce and reverent, worn-in vocals provide company with a sense of perseverance and humbleness.

Using a stark and, at times, uncomfortable humor, “No Such Luck” explains how we seem to bite off more than we can chew. “We tend to keep ourselves in a state of stress, many times by choice. We seem to take on more than we can comfortably handle, then blame ourselves for not doing it well enough.” Mickelson’s philosophical grit is displayed in the lyrics, “The longer road it makes you sweat, but the shorter road it makes you bleed,” offering the high road for the low believers. Incorporating Tom Waits-inspired narratives, Mickelson applies humor and pain to his honest songwriting. This is most evident in lines, “Don’t buy the trailer, if you can’t back it up. A little less muscle, a little more soul.”

About Mickelson:

Mickelson has performed at the top venues including The Fillmore, Great American Music Hall, and World Cafe Live. He has opened for acts including: David Bromberg, Nick Lowe, and Dr. John and appears in numerous publications including NPR, Huffington Post, CBS Morning Show, and Alternative Press Magazine. His upcoming album, A Wondrous Life, is due out in May.

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  1. FORTIER, GLORIA, on Mar 21, 03:48 PM, wrote:

    Hey there you all.. this musician is an extradinary performer and ive seen him a lot of times first at Starry Plough in Berkely where i fell in love with his music. I love this new song and can’t wait to see him live playing his new cd.. cool beans! much love G

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