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Joel Levi Announces Americana Single, “Will We Ever Change?”

The new Americana single from Joel Levi, “Will We Ever Change?” is a raw and honest glimpse behind the curtain of a marital dispute. Both haunting and cathartic, the music’s sonic elements wash over the soundscape like a warm and cleaning rain. A harmonica aches against an ethereal background as each melodic piece writes the words of a new chapter. It is the first single off Levi’s upcoming self-titled album, due out May 4.

“Will We Ever Change?” begs a loaded question that many have encountered in their lifetime. Through the dense layering of Levi’s vocals and lush guitar leads, the single is a sepia-toned snapshot of heated arguments, stubborn feelings, and necessary resolution. Throughout the song duration, Levi writes a first-hand account without any fear of vulnerability. Each time the chorus comes crashing in, the tension rises as if we were in the same stormy room as the impassioned couple. Chaotic, yet filled with soothing purpose, “Will We Ever Change?” follows a real relationship and punctuates the biggest happens, but you can’t run away from those problems.

The self-titled album, Joel Levi, is saturated with the feel of Midwestern simplicity, but has layers of emotional introspection. Levi explains, “A lot of what I write about consists of everyday life: getting married, starting a family, and the struggle of life on the road. The Midwest culture wants you to get a real job, but I’ve been fighting that my whole life.” Those honest elements take a timeless approach that transcends age groups and appeals to listeners across generations. Blending the storytelling of country music with an imaginative wordplay reminiscent of Jason Isbell or Tom Petty, Levi’s songcraft draws on painful honesty. Born in a post-GM town with a struggling economy, this Nashville singer-songwriter is no stranger to the hurdles of adversity.

Joel Levi Track Listing

  1. Middle of Everywhere
  2. Will We Ever Change?
  3. Honest Mistake
  4. Easy To Be Alone 
  5. Harder Times
  6. The Garden
  7. All My Friends
  8. Sweet Melinda
  9. Blind Men Still Dream
  10. Hold On Me

About Joel Levi:

Joel Levi is originally from Indiana, but has been living and performing in Nashville for the past five years. His music is saturated with the feel of Midwestern simplicity, but has layers of emotional introspection. Levi recorded his first EP The Little Places (2009) with the Grammy winning producer, Charlie Peacock. He then released Rangeline (2014) and was featured on Songpickr’s Best of 2017 playlist.

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