Plastic, Vinyl & Leather


A Wondrous Life


"Plastic, Vinyl & Leather"

Plastic, vinyl and leather
Whatever it takes to hold me together
You’re sifting through pages from my history
I’m counting on any little victory
Pen marks on white paper
I better say something clever
But I just want to be here now
I’m running as fast as these legs will take me
You don’t know what these eyes have seen
I’m last in a long line of make believers
Acting out all the words written for me
The middle of the road was safer
So I headed for the ditch
And I want to be here now
Plastic, vinyl and leather
Strips and pieces, sewn up together
I fistful of promises of new beginnings
In the end I ask myself which one of us is winning
You’re looking at the same sleepwalker
And you’re my tap on the shoulder
Turning on the living room light
Pointing to a wondrous life
Ain’t it a wondrous life
Ain’t it a wondrous life
And I want to be here now