jodee lewis

It Ain't Killed Me Yet



"It Ain’t Killed Me Yet"

You called me up this morning just to check on things
Said it’s killing you to know your leaving’s killing me
Thought you’d maybe stop off by the house later tonight
If that’s alright; Is that alright?

It’s hard to tell, but I’m still drawing breath
My broken heart’s still beating in my chest
Life don’t seem worth living since you left
But, baby, it ain’t killed me yet

You must think I’m trying not to lose my mind
That I lay around here thinking ‘bout you all the time
Even though that’s true, all I’m gonna say to you is
Not tonight, I’m alright

Don’t call me anymore or try to be my friend
I don’t need your help to get back on my feet again
Or maybe start to feel a little stronger every day
Not today, but someday