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Felsen Releases New Single, “Vultures on Your Bones”

The new single from indie pop band Felsen, “Vultures on Your Bones” beams a telepathic message through melody and lyrics directly from their late-night West Oakland studio.
The single is just one piece of the puzzle as Felsen invites listeners to tie together the album’s sounds, images and the words into one purposeful clutter. Through a series of clues and Easter eggs hidden, the lost art of listening to an album as a whole creates an order amidst a seemingly chaotic background. The single was mixed by Allen Clapp (The Orange Peels) and is off their upcoming album, Blood Orange Moon, out January 26 on Mystery Lawn Music.

“Vultures on Your Bones” is a grudge match between analog synth, acoustic guitar and a Reagan era drum machine, all melted into a reverb filled crock pot. Each individual element is blended so seamlessly that the finished product is both loud and just quiet enough to hear the shimmer of a gong. Such is the central formula in the Felsen process. Reeling listeners into the band’s revealing inner world or entangled branches and kung fu medallion-wearing angel investors, the single begs the question “Have you ever felt that rock and roll saved you?”

The songs on this fifth Felsen release were written in the fall of 2014 leading into winter of 2015. They are a reflection of frontman Andrew Griffin’s earlier events as an 11 year cancer survivor. He explains, “I'd hit yet another rough patch in my life due to ongoing health issues. I needed more surgery and kinda dropped off the face of the earth for a few months. After I was out of the hospital and doing the Vicodin shuffle around the house in the summer of 2014, I started playing the guitar again mainly just to stave off boredom. I started to amass new little song embryos on my computer. Play guitar, stare at screen. Eventually the words and the music meet.” Blood Orange Moon is calculated and saccharine, with lush melodies enveloping every aspect of the album’s structure. There are menacing guitar riffs that lead into bubble-gum choruses, all creating a duality that shines. The album is meant to be experienced from start to finish as a grand pathway with hidden gems to find throughout the listening journey. Every element of the album acts as a guide on the voyage, with its clues in the album jacket and lyrics that eventually join hands in sonic resolution.

Blood Orange Moon Track Listing

  1. Vultures on Your Bones
  2. Kung Fu Medallion
  3. You And I Will Meet Again
  4. Airplane Mode
  5. The Telepathic Kind
  6. Spanish Jam Sandwich
  7. White Denim Jeans
  8. Lovecraft
  9. Private Airline in the Sky
  10. Unemployed in Chicago
  11. Blood Orange Moon

About Felsen

Felsen is a pop rock band from Oakland, California. Their first album, Accidental Drowning, was released in 2009. Felsen Loves You—an EP on the Ninth Street Opus label—followed in 2010. In 2011 and 2013 two other full-length albums—Breaking up with Loneliness and I Don’t Know How To Talk Anymore were self-released. Felsen has toured extensively throughout the US opening for national acts: Camper Van Beethoven, Marcy Playground, One Eskimo, Stone Foxes and Luce. Felsen has been featured on Bay Area radio stations KPFA, KALX, KZSU and were selected to be on KFOG (one of the nation’s top AAA radio stations) Local Scene Volume 11.

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