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Brand Your Music Through Spotify Playlist Promotion

In my last article, 5 Ways to Get on a Spotify Playlist, I talked about how to create your own Spotify playlist to help brand your music and band. You may still be holding back and thinking, no, I really just want other people to add me to their playlists. Today, we’re going to dive in a bit further into Spotify promotion land to show why creating your own Spotify playlist can be in your greatest benefit.

1. Have Control Over What Bands to Align With

When you create your own playlist you have complete control over what bands you want to include in the playlist. First and foremost, you should include your own. Look at which of your tracks has the most plays on Spotify and start there since that already shows it’s a single listeners are most receptive to. Now think about bands you’d like to open for, blogs you want to cover you,  labels you’d like to be on, and booking agencies you’d like to work with. Go through those sources and add songs to your playlist until you have a minimum of 20 songs, with no band repeating.

2. Brand Your Band Through Visuals

Next up, you should create artwork for your playlist that can help give people a feel for your sound at first glance, much like you’d do with your album or single artwork. If you don’t have graphic software or a readily available graphic designer on hand, you can use the free service,, to create graphics.

3. Create a Framework of Your Sound

When you are creating a playlist and looking at the bands you want to be aligned with, you should also look at it as a way to create a framework for your sound. Essentially you’re creating a audible RIYL (recommended if you like) for listeners to quickly and easily determine what you sound like, by seeing the bands they easily recognize on your list. In addition to the bands you want to be aligned with, think about who your fans most frequently compare to you to, because chances are their fans could become your fans as well.

Green Light Go: Make a list of bands, booking agencies, blogs and/or labels you’d like to align with your band.

Sharing is Caring: Know a band trying to get on Spotify playlists? Send them this article.

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