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Screamfeeder Announces June 23 Album Release

The 7th studio release from Australian indie rock band Screamfeeder, Pop Guilt, takes on 90s post punk with infectious modern melodic pop. Screamfeeder enlisted a prominent list of renowned engineers, including Brad Wood (Veruca Salt, Placebo), Paul Kolderie (Dinosaur Jr., The Lemonheads), Dave Downham (Beach Slang) and Wayne Connolly (The Vines, Died Pretty). It is due out June 23  on Rogue Wave Records. The first single “All Over It Again” is available as an approved downloadable mp3.

Pop Guilt is lightning in a bottle. The band formed during the height of ‘90s indie rock where bands like Sonic Youth, Hüsker Dü, and Buffalo Tom were taking the mainstream stage. Screamfeeder grew up in an age where punk was diversifying in style and, more importantly, personal lyrical subject matter. The restless feelings of youth that built the foundations for outspoken punk had never quite gone away. Guitarist and vocalist Tim Steward explains, “The world as we knew it when we started the band has disappeared. It’s overwhelming to see the culture you participated in creating get evaporated. The neighborhood is gutted and re-sold, your peers get sucked down by boredom, debt and stress, the next generation is oblivious to art and music, and the world is becoming fixated on being one gigantic marketplace, hell-bent on destruction. We do our art, and just try to hold steady, to remain.”

“All Over It Again” is a song about a relationship at the end of its rope, but neither side will let go. The catchy and sugary chorus echoes in both melody and sentiment. Bassist Kellie Lloyd sings with Steward as they go in a lyrical circle that calls to mind two people who just can’t walk away from the same argument they have had time and time again. The driving drums and overdriven guitars pump adrenaline into the song, leaving the story out of breath and out of time. It dances on the line between punk rock and bubblegum pop where the bubble most definitely bursts in the best possible way.

Pop Guilt Track Listing

  1. Half Lies
  2. All Over It Again
  3. Got a Feeling
  4. Going to California
  5. Shelter
  6. Falling
  7. Alone in a Crowd
  8. Making it Up
  9. Sonic Souvenirs
  10. Karen Trust Me
  11. Not Afraid
  12. I Might Have Some Regrets
  13. Sciatic Heart

About Screamfeeder

Screamfeeder formed in Brisbane, Australia in 1991. They have have a long list of releases, including their 7th studio album, Pop Guilt due out this June. The band is made up members Tim Steward (Guitar, Vocals), Kellie Lloyd (Bass, Vocals), and Dean Shwereb (Drums). The album features a list of producers, including Brad Wood (Veruca Salt, Placebo), Paul Kolderie (Dinosaur Jr., The Lemonheads), Dave Downham (Beach Slang) and Wayne Connolly (The Vines, Died Pretty). They have played with Sonic Youth, Rollins, Buffalo Tom, Bob Mould, Grant Hart, Swervedriver, Ride, and The Breeders.

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