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Skinny Blonde Featured As A Weekly Discovery on Nothing But Hope And Passion

Nothing But Hope And Passion features New York musician Skinny Blonde, the musical alias of Michael Turzilli, as a Weekly Discovery artist. His first single, "King", is described as "seductive in a crawl under your skin way." Read the full review and listen to "King" here.  Follow Skinny Blonde on Facebook and Twitter.

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The Bluegrass Situation Premieres Nate Leavitt & The Elevation

Nate Leavitt & The Elevation is featured on The Bluegrass Situation with a premiere of "When I Was with You" off their upcoming EP, Someone Send a Signal. Of the song, Leavitt says: "The amount of emotion that surfaced during the vocal take of 'When I Was with You' was unexpected. One of the main...  

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American Songwriter Premieres Jonas Friddle & The Majority

American Songwriter has the exclussive premiere of Chicago group Jonas Friddle & The Majority's song "The Difference."  Friddle says: “Musically and lyrically, the song tries to connect with a listener’s own sense of push and pull in life. Choices we make with our head versus choices we make with our heart. Towards...  

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The Line Of Best Fit Premieres Badlands

The Line Of Best Fit has the premiere of Swedish musician and producer Badlands' new album Locus, saying: "It's a question posed again and again on these eight tracks, and again and again [Catharina] Jaunviksna's answer is simple: you explore it. On Locus, she seems to be observing some otherworldly energy...  

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The 405 Interviews Kinder Than Wolves

The 405 caught up with Kinder Than Wolves saying: "Hailing from Orlando, Florida, Kinder Than Wolves is set to win your heart. The trio formed in college and have been recording and playing music together ever since. Their brand of hazy guitars and glittering vocals will set your mood just right." "Their...  

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Skinny Blonde Featured As A Weekly Discovery on Nothing But Hope And Passion by Lauren

New York musician Skinny Blonde is featured on Nothing But Hope And Passion's Weekly Discovery list.

Frances Luke Accord Releases New Indie Folk Single, “Something Moving” by Paul Corsi

Frances Luke Accord releases new indie folk single, “Something Moving” off upcoming album Fluke due out May 20

A Publicist's 6-Week Plan to Re-Engage Your Fans Before an Album Release by Janelle

You’re about to release a new album, but you have one small problem: it’s been a few years since your last release and you’ve lost touch with your fans. Inside is a six-week, step-by-step timeline to re-engage your fans leading up to the first announcement of your album or EP release.

This article appears in the Green Light Grow blog.

Corner Laughers - Album Release Case Study by Paul Corsi

Case Study for Corner Laughers Album Release Campaign 

This article appears in the Case Studies blog.

The Huffington Post Premieres Vincent Colbert by Paul Corsi

The Huffington Post has the exclusive premiere of Vincent Colbert's song "Courage."

Boudoir Noir Releases New Single, "Wild Valentine" by Paul Corsi

Boudoir Noir releases new dark cabaret pop single, “Wild Valentine”
off upcoming EP Endless Dawn due out June 3

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