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The Guardian Features The Corner Laughers on The Playlist

The Guardian features "Fairytale Tourist," the newest single from indie pop band, The Corner Laughers off of their upcoming album Matilda Effect, due out in May. "The Corner Laughers are a Californian band who come across like a West Coast Belle and Sebastian." - The Guardian Read the full article here and...  

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Daytrotter Features Beth Bombara

Check out Beth Bombara's Daytrotter session featuring tracks off her upcoming self-titled record due out June 23. Listen here.

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American Songwriter Features Blind Lake in Daily Discovery

Check out Blind Lake in American Songwriter's Daily Discovery.

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In Your Speakers Premieres Skye Steele Remix

In Your Speakers premieres the remix of Skye Steele's "Growing Song." "The result of this trans-formative experience brought together the unique and cohesive sound that can be heard on "Growing Song." Now, with "Growing Song Redux" remixed by Michael LaValle, we hear the artist being transformed even more. The calm, burning...  

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Culture Collide Premiers Emerald Park Single

"A single off the album, "Wolf" is a track for those nights when you just can't sleep. Sonically, it's a perfect example of the play between indie alt-pop/rock and their new love for electro pop. While the verses are dominated by a melodic bass line, the chorus blooms with synths...  

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The Legal Immigrants Announces July 3 Album Release by Janelle

The Legal Immigrants announce the July 3 release of their upcoming album, Drugs to Roses, with a music and philosophy centering around a central Detroit ethos: raw, gritty and honest.

Lauryn Peacock Releases New Single Quiet Moments by Kyle Bendel

Come listen to Lauryn Peacock's new single "Quiet Moments" off her upcoming album Euphonia.

Strange & Primitive Releases Album August 21 by Kourtney Rogus

Strange & Primitive take listeners on a cinematic journey with their single "That Big City Glow" off upcoming self-titled album due out August 21.

Secret Friend Releases Album August 14 by Alex Marsack

Secret Friend inspires daydreams with his single "Blue Sky" off upcoming album Sleeper due out August 14.

Emerald Park Releases New Single "Wolf" by Alex Marsack

Emerald Park release's electro-pop single "Wolf" off their upcoming album GO!GO!GO! due out June 23rd.

Pop Matters Premiers Josh Gilligan's New Album 'Steady On' by Alex Marsack

Listen to Josh Gilligan's newest album 'Steady On' premiering at Pop Matters.

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