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Wondering Sound Premieres Indie Rock Single “Stand Alone”

"As Cafiero’s feather-light voice gently bounces across the top of the notes, he’s joined by weeping lap steel, pulsing organs and, finally, a morse-code brass section. It’s a kaleidoscope of sound, riveting from the first note to the last."--Wondering Sound Split Screens release wistful single “Stand Alone”.Adding to the single’s buoyant...  

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AllMusic Premieres Neil Holyoak's Second Single "Red Queen Of Autumn"

"Neil Holyoak has put a surrealist, sometimes psychedelic, twist on folk and country music" - AllMusic AllMusic premieres Neil Holyoak’s ambient single “Red Queen of Autumn” off of upcoming album Rags Across the Sun (9/9) from Epitonic Records. Holyoak’s ethereal tone, echoed by complentative and minimalist instrumentation, guides listeners through an imaginary...  

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Magnet Magazine Shares Dark Americana Single "Slow Start"

Magnet Magazine likes Eli August and The Abandoned Buildings recent single “Slow Start” so much that they’ve included it on their MP3 at 3PM feature. Check out the article and song here. This tune, chalked full of bright imagery and spright instrumentals, prompts the realization that “when life don’t go the way...  

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Magnet Magazine Premieres Indie Electro Single “Boundless”

To listen to Joshua Worden's “Boundless” is not to simply hear with your ears but to utilize all of your senses, immersing yourself in every nook and cranny of the song. His earthy-electro beats and yearning croon fuse into a lullaby of melodies that capture a pleasant mixture of hope,...  

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What's New on the Green Light Go Blog?

How to Make Music Industry Connections by Janelle

Struggling to make connections in the music industry to get your music heard? Guest blogger, Joe Marson, gives his winning strategy to push your career forward.

This article appears in the Green Light Grow blog.

Cariad Harmon Releases “Like You” Featuring Vocal Harmonies from Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig of Lucius by Megan Fisher

Cariad Harmon joins forces with the harmonious duo Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, to deliver the nostalgia dripping, joyous single “Like You” off her self-titled sophomore album, due out November 11.

Anabot Gives Sharp Kiss Of Female Fronted Electro Pop Seduction with 12/2 EP Release by Jay Tafilowski

Anabot releases her new EP Kiss Like a Knife on December 2. The EP feeds and expands the narrative of the seductive time travelling adventures of the cyborg Anabot. Travelling through time, Anabot accumulates infectious pop sounds while blending all of the best parts of 60s British Pop and reverb-soaked California psych-pop with a dancey sci-fi twist. Anabot seduces the ear, drawing the listener into a mysterious pop pantheon filled with irresistible hooks.

Gwyneth Moreland Embraces Qualities Reminiscent of Sixties Folk Storytellers by Megan Fisher

Without delay, the warm, full timbre of Gwyneth Moreland’s voice over subtle acoustics will embrace you like a much-needed hug. New album Ceilings, Floors, and Open Doors out November 18.

What Music Puts You in the Mood? by Janelle

Today’s post will teach you to think like a consumer (and potential new fan) so you are properly listing and tagging your soundcloud for the greatest exposure.

This article appears in the Green Light Grow blog.

Walk The Line Of Funk, Rock, And Orchestral With Anabot by Megan Fisher

Anabot releases intoxicating single, “Candy-Eyed” from forthcoming EP, Kiss Like A Knife, out Dec. 2.