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Outsmart Magazine Features Colonial Blue As Cover Story

Outsmart Magazine features Houston's Colonial Blue on the cover of their latest issue. The interview with singer and guitarist Stephanie Rice talks about her experiences with coming out, leaving home, and how music helped every step of the way.  What was it like getting up on stage to tell your truth...  

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The Bluegrass Situation Premieres Almond&Olive, "Mulberry Hill"

The Bluegrass Situation has the exclussive premiere of Almond&Olive's new song, "Mulberry Hill."    In Their Words: "'Mulberry Hill' was one of the first songs Natalie and I played together. I wrote it year or so before I brought it to the band, and immediately our voices meshed together perfectly, with Natalie's...  

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Antenna Man Daytrotter Session

The Antenna Man Daytrotter Session is now live and available for download. You can head over to Daytrotter to hear songs from the band's upcoming album, Elaine Jr.  Don't forget to follow Antenna Man on Facebook and Twitter for even more updates!

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Drunken Werewolf Introduces Steph Barrak

"...a bittersweet affair that celebrates the poignancy of memory, all set to uncluttered instrumentation and a lyrical palette that allows the listener's own experience to colour in the rest." -Drunken Werewolf  Drunken Werewolf shares Steph Barrak's latest single, "So Familiar" off of her upcoming EP Never Again. You can listen and...  

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Antenna Man Releases New Alt Country Single, “Knockdown”

Antenna Man announces the whiskey-drenched single, “Knockdown” off the upcoming album, Elaine Jr. Recorded at Postal Recording (Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s) in Indianapolis, the album is due out on February 17. “Knock Down” is available as an approved downloadable mp3.   “Knockdown” is an anti-social song exposing a liberating...  

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What's New on the Green Light Go Blog?

Less Is More: Why You Should Pitch Your Music to Fewer Publications by Paul Corsi

Logic dictates that the more music bloggers you reach out to about your band, the more coverage you’ll receive. This is not necessarily true. Read on to find out why sometimes less is more. 

6 Steps To Making Your Band Press Friendly by Janelle

Have you ever tried to reach out to media only to find the sound of a deep and resounding silence on the other end? If you want to increase the chances you’ll band will be covered then read on to find out how!

Antenna Man Daytrotter Session by Paul Corsi

The Antenna Man Daytrotter Session is now live and available for download!

GLG February Monthly Playlist: Tough Love by Emily

A playlist born from the featured artists of DrunkenWerewolf, including Steph Barrak.

Wild Skies Announces April 14 From Far Below Album Release by Paul Corsi

Wild Skies Announces April 14 From Far Below Album Release
Offers First Single, “Fumes & Faith as Downloadable MP3

The Release: Local vs National by Paul Corsi

What's the difference between a local and national album release? There's more to consider than just booking your favorite venue. Here's what you need to know.