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Outsmart Magazine Features Colonial Blue As Cover Story

Outsmart Magazine features Houston's Colonial Blue on the cover of their latest issue. The interview with singer and guitarist Stephanie Rice talks about her experiences with coming out, leaving home, and how music helped every step of the way.  What was it like getting up on stage to tell your truth...  

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Bitch Media Features Miss Geo on New Music Monday

Following Miss Geo's Connection release, Bitch Media spoke to the trio about the inpsiration behind the album and a featured song, "Techno Entry." Bitch Media writer Katie Presley says: "For all the talk of how living beholden to a screen is pulling us apart in the real world, there is the counterargument that new...  

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The Wild Honey Pie Reviews Getaway Dogs

In the wake of Getaway Dogs' album release, The Wild Honey Pie reviews their second single off Lost In The Ebb, "Excuses/Opinions". Of the song, writer Charity Painter says, "Poised to dive back into post-summer reality, this is exactly the type of song I’ve been turning up and tuning out to." Read the full...  

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Elmore Magazine Premieres Angie Keilhauer Video

Elmore Magazine has the exclusive premiere of Angie Keilhauer's new video for "Made To Live By The Water" off her recently released EP, Wild.  "Made To Live By The Water" was written while Angie Keilhauer was singing on a cruise ship over the Caribbean ocean. “It forced me to focus completely on...  

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7 Common Themes to Secure Music Blog Coverage by Janelle

It can often be overwhelming when you’re build a press list for your band. How do you know if the blog will cover you? Why aren’t they covering you? What are they looking for?

Take a look at the seven common themes to see if you’re setting up your band for music blog coverage.

Almond&Olive Announces January Album Release by Paul Corsi

Almond&Olive Announces January 27 Standing at the Precipice Album Release
Offers First Single, “Standing at the Precipice” as Downloadable MP3

Before I Was Famous: 5 Musicians You Should Know by Paul Corsi

There are a lot of great musicians out there, but I've compmiled a personal list of favorites for you to follow. Read on to find out what makes these 5 so great! 

This article appears in the Green Light Grow blog.

SASO Announces January 20 'The Levee' Album Release by Paul Corsi

SASO Announces January 20 The Levee Album Release
Offers First Single, “Stephanie” as Downloadable MP3

Film Jacket 35 Announces January 20 'Limbo Mind & Infected Cells' Album Release by Paul Corsi

Film Jacket 35 Announces January 20 Limbo Mind & Infected Cells LP Release
Offers First Single, “Angkor Wat” as Downloadable MP3

5 Reasons Your Music PR Campaign Failed by Janelle

Sometimes no matter what a music publicist does, he or she can’t get the music to react with media. There are also a few things that may contribute to the lack of response. The good news is that most of them can be overcome with a little effort from band members.

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