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Exclaim! Premieres Stevie B Wolf's "Getting Through" Single

Exclaim premieres the new single from Stevie B Wolf, "Getting Through." Sarah Murphy says "In addition to the universal theme of lost love and heartbreak, Wolf also drew on his experiences with Tourette's Syndrome, ADD and depression while penning the track, and learned to use his diagnoses as a musical...  

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In Your Speakers Premieres Broke Royals' Single "This Time"

Looking for some new music to add to your summer playlist? Look no further as In Your Speakers premieres the latest single from Broke Royals, "This Time." Take our advice and take a listen to the catchy lyrics and danceable melodies of "This Time" on In Your Speakers. Be the...  

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American Songwriter Features Lauryn Peacock

American Songwriter features Lauryn Peacock as their Daily Disvoery and gives a little more insight behind the musician: such as her dream job, musical idols, and craziest person she knows. 

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Surviving The Golden Age Premieres Diego Davidenko

Indie Folk artist Diego Davidenko is releasing his new album It Isn't Home on August 28. It can be heard exclussively through Surviving The Golden Age. Through raw, honest and sometimes humorous lyrics, Davidenko fashions earnest and heartfelt songs that weave through the gamut of human emotions and experiences: nostalgia, love, loneliness, attraction, remorse, frustration, and...  

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Culture Collide Premieres "Balloon"

Culture Collide premieres the new Shades' single "Balloon." "With twisted synths and haunting compositions, this song is all deep reds and purple. It balances that fine line between reality and dream-world." They say that the song is best listened to in the middle of the night when "mind is restless...  

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Merry Ellen Kirk Releases New Indie-Folk Single, “Ever After” by Alex Marsack

Take a chance on the impossible because we all want our happy-ever-after, and Merry Ellen Kirk is willing to help us get there with the release of her new single "Ever After" off upcoming album due out October 23rd

Surviving The Golden Age Premieres Diego Davidenko by Paul Corsi

Indie Folk artist Diego Davidenko is releasing his new album It Isn't Home on August 28. It can be heard exclussively through Surviving The Golden Age.

Before I Was Famous: A Musician's Perspective Into Music PR by Paul Corsi

If you're asking yourself, "What are the benefits of getting a music publicist?" You are in luck my friends. Get an inside look from somebody in a band and in PR at the....same....time!

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Hezekiah Jones Announces November 13 Album Release by Alex Marsack

The Jones family reunites as Hezekiah Jones announces the release of In Loving Memory of oosi Lockjaw November 13th

Stevie B Wolf Releases New Pop Single "Getting Through" by Kourtney Rogus

Stevie B Wolf releases new pop single, “Getting Through” off upcoming EP Alone + Alive due out Nov. 6

Exclaim! Premieres Strange and Primitive Album Stream by Kyle Bendel

Exclaim streams the premiere of Strange and Primitive's self-titled album