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The Huffington Post Premieres Colonial Blue

The Huffington Post has the exclussive premiere of Colonial Blue's new song "Break Your Bones."  According to vocalist and guitarist Stephanie Rice:  “'Break Your Bones' is about turning around and facing the things you fear the most. I had been running for so long fueled by a survivalist, primal instinct, but although...  

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The Music Ninja Premieres "Lost in the Ebb" by Getaway Dogs

The Music Ninja Offers an exclusive album premiere of Getaway Dogs' Lost in the Ebb.Here's what Clayton Warwick had to say about it:  This 15-track body of work is purely intoxicating, leaving you with a dizzying smile and slowly creeping warm-n-fuzzies. Somehow, it feels like the track was written, practiced and recorded...  

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Popmatters Premieres The Qualia

Popmatters is premiering the new album, Cotillion Knives, from Brooklyn band The Qualia. You can hear all of the songs first, before they're available anywhere else. “When I was writing the songs for this record, I was thinking a lot about what it was like growing up in a small town...  

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No Depression Features Mackenzie Shivers on "Rookies on the Rise"

Living in my Head, the sophomore release by Mackenzie Shivers is featured on No Depression. Read what they had to say about it:  "Releasing her first album Neverland in 2014, Mackenzie played in a handful of New York-based bands, plying her craft. Her follow-up release Living in My Head is powerful, showcasing...  

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The Huffington Post Premieres Maps & His Mothball Fleet

The Huffington Post has the exclussive premiere of Maps & His Mothball Fleet's new song "Nothing Against Dover."  According to Maps:  “This is a ‘survivor’s guilt’ tune that came to my head while standing in formation at a Dignified Transfer Ceremony one night at an airfield in Afghanistan. That is a solemn ceremony...  

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What's New on the Green Light Go Blog?

4 Signs You're Ready to Hire a Music Publicist by Janelle

We have a lot of bands who come to Green Light Go wanting to hire us as their music publicist. And of the bands that show up in our inbox, we only take on about 10%. Much of the time it’s about the music, but there are a few other factors that tell us if a band is ready for a music publicist and why we need to pass.

3 Reasons Why You Should Release a Single by Janelle

Logic would dictate if you are only releasing a three or four song EP to simply release it all at once. But the rules of music publicity often contradict the rules of logic, especially in a world accustomed to instant access.

Read on to see three reasons why you should release at least one single, even if you have a short EP.

The Music Ninja Premieres "Lost in the Ebb" by Getaway Dogs by Nina

The Music Ninja has the exclusive streaming album premiere of Lost in the Ebb by Getaway Dogs.

Before I Was Famous: How To Network As A Band by Paul Corsi

It's not always easy to network as a band, but it's a critical component to gaining more exposure and playing bigger shows in your music scene. Here are a few tips on how you can network and increase your band's local visibility. 

The Huffington Post Premieres Getaway Dogs by Paul Corsi

The Huffington Post has the exclussive premiere of Getaway Dogs's new song "Saturated / The Dunes."

Owls of the Swamp Announces Nov 4 Meteorite EP Release by Lauren

Owls of the Swamp announces November 4 Meteorite EP release,
offers first single, “Meteorite” as downloadable MP3

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