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The Qualia Releases New Synthpop Single, “Die In Slow Motion”

A high-energy new-wave summer dance track infused with rapid fire, mechanized synths, The Qualia releases the second single, “Die In Slow Motion” off the album, Cotillion Knives, due out August 12. Written as an energetic and anxious homage to the blood-soaked flamboyance of Italian horror films, the song tells a...  

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Jonas Martin Announces August 26 The Color Scheme Album Release

The bond between father and son is arguably one of the most important there is in life. Adding love and devotion to music on top of that is downright sacred. Written as a tribute to his father’s passing and legacy, Dallas musician Jonas Martin announces the blues rock album, The...  

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The Huffington Post Premieres Colonial Blue

The Huffington Post has the exclussive premiere of Colonial Blue's new song "Break Your Bones."  According to vocalist and guitarist Stephanie Rice:  “'Break Your Bones' is about turning around and facing the things you fear the most. I had been running for so long fueled by a survivalist, primal instinct, but although...  

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Miss Geo Announces September 16 Connection Album Release

Moments of heavy synth instrumentation combine with smooth electronic beats on Connection, the new album from Boston group Miss Geo. The variation between intense layering and atmospheric intricacies flow like a mixtape ready for any dance club or long twilight drive with the windows down. The album is due out...  

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No Depression Features Mackenzie Shivers on "Rookies on the Rise"

Living in my Head, the sophomore release by Mackenzie Shivers is featured on No Depression. Read what they had to say about it:  "Releasing her first album Neverland in 2014, Mackenzie played in a handful of New York-based bands, plying her craft. Her follow-up release Living in My Head is powerful, showcasing...  

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No Depression Features Mackenzie Shivers on "Rookies on the Rise" by Nina

Living in my Head, by Macknezie Shivers is featured on No Depression.

Getaway Dogs Release New Indie Folk Single, “Excuses/Opinions” by Paul Corsi

Getaway Dogs releases new indie folk single, “Excuses/Opinions”
off upcoming album Lost In The Ebb due out August 19

Mackenzie Shivers Releases New Folk Rock Single, “Tell Me to Run” by Paul Corsi

Mackenzie Shivers releases new folk rock single, “Tell Me to Run”
off upcoming EP Living in My Head due out September 2

Katie Rose Releases “Wonder” Video by Lauren

Katie Rose Releases “Wonder” Video off upcoming EP, Everything Yesterday, due out August 18

Before I Was Famous: The Return of The Press List by Paul Corsi

Last time we talked about building your first press list. So how did you do? Let’s both be honest and say that it was a lot harder than you thought it would be. For a band to build their own press list is a bit of an experience, but for a publicist to build one for them is a slightly different animal.

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Miss Geo Announces September 16 Connection Album Release by Paul Corsi

Miss Geo Announces September 16 Connection Album Release
Offers First Single, “Sea In Between” as Downloadable MP3

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